Learn and Apply Vision-Led Product Management

What's Included

Training - Training

2 Days of Training

Day 1

  • Vision-Led Product Management Overview
  • Select and prioritize your target market(s)
  • Identify key customer and business outcomes and build an outcome pyramid around them

Day 2

  • Craft a vision to 10x your identified key outcomes
  • Create a product strategy to realize the vision
  • Balance your roadmap to execute on the product strategy while supporting iterative needs and technical infrastructure
Training - Badge

Membership to The Prodify Guild

Training - Support

Ongoing Support

Share and receive feedback on your product deliverables with a Prodify Advisor up to once a quarter.



Amy Jackson
Rajesh's guidance and leadership through our Product Community of Practice training sessions has been especially impactful. Rajesh introduced the team to useful concepts and best practices that have already led to several improvements in both planning and execution.

Amy Jackson

Sr Product Operations Manager, ENGIE Impact


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