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Product Management Is Hard

We make it easier as product advisors, coaches and consultants with decades of experience.

Who We Help


Startup Founders & CEOs

We advise founders on major product decisions, such as vision and strategy, go-to-market, team structure / staffing and product development processes.

Product Executives

CPO/CTO/VP of Product

We coach Product Executives on making strategic product decisions, fostering a product-driven culture and leading a world class product team.

Product Team Leads

Directors & Group PMs

We coach product team leads on establishing their leadership style while building a great product, product team and product-driven culture.

Some of the 150 Companies We've Advised

Who We Are

We’re seasoned product management experts who can explain the craft to newcomers and seasoned industry professionals alike.

Product Advisors & Coaches


Matte Scheinker


Sara Bial Zalowitz




Margaret Jastrebski

Rami Alhamad

Rami Alhamad


Jenny Wanger


Laurie Cordova



Rajesh Nerlikar


Ben Foster

Companies and Products We've Built

Our Framework

Having worked with 75 companies over 7 years, we started to identify a lot of patterns in the product challenges they were facing. Their challenges were similar to the ones we've faced ourselves as product leaders at startups and Fortune 500 companies alike.

So we packaged our best practices in addressing these challenges into a framework called Vision-Led Product Management and explained how to use it to ship the right product in our #1 Amazon Best Seller: Build What Matters.


The core concepts include:

  • Using the key outcomes your customers or users are expecting your product to deliver to choose your product success metrics
  • Crafting a customer journey vision for how you can 10x that key outcome for customers at some point in the future
  • Working backwards from that vision to craft a strategic plan to realize the desired end-state experience
  • Balancing your product roadmap between making progress towards the vision, supporting existing customers and operating a modern SaaS technology platform

We tailor the framework to the needs of every client, so you get what fits best with your company's culture, product and market.

How We Work

What You'll Get:


Monthly Retainer

We do weekly or bi-weekly virtual check ins, either on whatever is top-of-mind for you that week or on an agreed-upon set of focus areas. Topics typically include tough product, team and operational decisions to grow your business.


Actionable Advice

To help you apply our recommendations, you'll get access to The Prodify Library, a repository of worksheets, templates and examples of product deliverables we maintain to accelerate your path to building a great product.


A Private Community

You’ll get access to The Prodify Guild, a community of like-minded product folks who share their lessons learned, best practices and real-time perspective when you need them.

Our Process:


Intro Call

Request a call to see our pricing and packages, then schedule time to get to know us and start talking about the product situation at your company.  We'll then match you with an advisor / coach based on your needs.


Free Trial

Continue with another 1-2 check ins to meet your advisor / coach and get a feel for what regular calls will feel like. From this, we can prioritize a few focus areas should you want to move forward with ongoing advising / coaching.


Ongoing Check Ins

Once we formalize an engagement, we’ll continue the conversation on a regular basis with you and your colleagues. Over time, we’ll help you make progress on the product focus areas that matter to you and your business.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"I came into product management from UX design, which has given me a particular mindset on software development and product management. After an acquisition, I was promoted into the senior product leadership role and I sought out Prodify to help me see any blind spots I might have, to help me build confidence in my leadership style and philosophy, and to give me the best chance of success in my new role.

What sets Prodify apart is that you work with a real coach who develops an understanding of your journey into your current role and creates a tailored, real-world support and coaching program to help you grow and succeed. Nothing is pre-canned, although they do have an excellent library of materials, examples, templates, and research (and a great book, too!). Matte, my coach at Prodify, was a true thought partner providing both affirmation and critical feedback, helping me to clarify my thinking and planning within the nuances of my particular product, team, and company. I highly recommend Prodify to those keen on thriving in product leadership. It's time well spent."

Aaron Gray

VP of Product
Eleven Software


"I first encountered Prodify in a working session sponsored by one of our investors at Savonix and was impressed. As a result I brought Rajesh on as a product advisor to help us transition to a product-driven, user-centric organization. He went on to do a great job as an Interim VP of Product. In that role he was instrumental in building out our product team and processes and to convert my vision as the founder into a product vision and strategy grounded in buyer and user insights. For any startup founders or CEOs looking for product help, the team at Prodify are change makers that will drive your organization forward."

Mylea Charvat, PhD



"Sara has been a great coach for me, particularly during my transition to a Director role. She’s pushed me to step into a more strategic role and provided actionable steps on how to do so. This has allowed me to empower my team to own their individual products, while I set the broader vision. I am a stronger product lead because of Sara’s coaching."

Dave Giambarresi

Director of Product


"Finding a solid Head of Product isn’t easy, but it was critical for our business. We partnered with Rajesh to help us hire this role and he was nothing short of exceptional! He recruited all the candidates, screened them using a tailored set of questions, and ensured they would bring the key product management skills we needed through a lightweight but powerful homework assignment. I’d encourage any startup founder looking to make their first crucial product hire to speak to Rajesh and the Prodify team."

Stephen Sokoler

Founder and CEO


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