Accelerate your product management career.

What's Included


Define Your Career Goal

We'll work with you to get a sense for what product management career path makes sense - people manager or individual product expert.  Not sure? No problem, we'll help you figure it out.

Identify Path to Reach Goal

We'll work backwards from your dream product job and identify what experience you'll need to get there, one step at a time.

Start Down Path

We'll use your current responsibilities / challenges to help you develop the product management skills you'll need to walk the path we've laid out.  When it's promotion time. we'll work with you to make your case.

Prodify Client - Elizabeth Weiland
Rajesh’s mentorship and advice has been invaluable to MarketSmart and also in my professional growth. I can’t stress enough how much of a pleasure it’s been to work with him and take his tangible suggestions to make our products even better. With his guidance, I’ve been able to setup metrics for me/my team’s success and present tangible results about our work to the company. I’m sincerely grateful to be working with him!

Elizabeth Weiland

Product Manager at MarketSmart

Prodify Client - Allen Gannett
Ben has been an invaluable addition to our team. As an advisor, he’s provided me with actionable recommendations into the what, how, and why of product management. Additionally, he’s helped coach and support our internal resources. This coaching has been incredibly effective in accelerating the rate with which we develop product.

Allen Gannett

Founder & CEO at TrackMaven (acquired by Skyword)

See How To Advance Your Career

Read blog posts related to what skills product managers should develop, and how best to do so.


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How It Works

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1. Take Our Assessment

Self-rate your proficiency on the 40 skills we think Vision-Led Product Managers need to advance their careers.  The survey shouldn't take more than a minute to complete. We'll email you when your results are ready (usually within 1 business day).

Take the Assessment

Prodify - Free Trial

2.  Do a Free Trial

From your assessment results, you can schedule a video/phone call to get to know us better, discuss your career goals and review results from your skills.  We can then prioritize which ones to develop first, and set up 1-2 more calls to start working through them.

Prodify - Kick Off

3. Kick Off Coaching

Take your time to decide whether it's the right time to engage us.  If you need help convincing your manager, let us know.  And no worries if it doesn't work out - we love meeting product folks.

If you do choose to continue, we'll schedule weekly coaching calls and work our way through the skills assessment results, starting with the areas of greatest need / preference.

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