Build confidence in your product skills.

We coach product leaders and their teams to accelerate business and customer outcomes, as well as their career growth.  Coaching sessions are commonly either weekly or bi-weekly sessions to work with you on your top priority items, but can also be customized to your individual needs.

We shape engagements with a rough “roadmap” of high-priority areas based on our initial conversations. That roadmap can change over time. Below are common topics that we cover through team and 1:1 coaching and advising.

Common Coaching Topics

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Business and Customer Outcomes

Define what outcomes matter most to your business and customer(s), while setting clear product KPIs that empower your teams to 10x those outcomes.


Product Vision

Create or refine your customer-centric product vision that can 10x your business and customer outcomes.

Strategic Direction

Strategic Planning

Identify the major changes required to realize your product vision in order to create a strategic plan that sets a clear direction for your team.


Generative AI

Identify the most immediate and actionable ways that AI can accelerate your team's ability to achieve your product vision/strategy and operational efficiency.


Prioritization and Roadmapping

Set the guardrails your team needs to appropriately prioritize their work and build a roadmap that balances between innovation (strategic work), iteration (incremental changes), and operation (tech debt, bugs).


Product operations

Get the right processes and procedures in place to ensure your team is working in consistent and efficient ways to deliver value quickly.


Stakeholder alignment

Identify effective approaches for communicating + collaborating with stakeholders in order to drive cross-functional alignment.

KPI Gold

Team Org

Assess your product team to determine strengths and opportunities while supporting them through clarifying career paths or providing coaching and training relevant to their needs.

Why work with Prodify?


Outcome-Driven Mindset

Prodify coaches help you focus on the key outcomes your customers or users are expecting your product to deliver. This way, customer value is turned into business value—a core concept in our book, Build What Matters.


Access a Network of Peers & Resources

Gain membership to The Prodify Guild—an invite-only community of product leaders—and access a premium library of guides, templates, and other practical resources. We also customize materials for your specific needs.


100 Years of Product Experience

Prodify coaches have over a century of combined experience working as individuals and with clients. Our product management coaching services apply their expertise to provide immediate value to your company. 

Who We Coach


Startup Founders & CEOs

We coach and advise founders on major product decisions, such as vision and strategy, go-to-market, team structure / staffing and product development processes.

Product Executives

CPO/CTO/VP of Product

We coach Product Executives on making strategic product decisions, fostering a product-driven culture and leading a world class product team.

Product Team Leads

Directors and Group PMs

We coach product team leads on establishing their leadership style while building a great product, product team and product-driven culture.

Entire Product Teams

All levels

We assess your current product team to identify strengths and opportunities in order to create a training and/or coaching program that instills a consistent approach to how the product team operates.

How It Works


Schedule an intro call

Request a call and we will meet to better understand your needs. We'll discuss your product goals, the challenges you're facing, and match you with the right coach/advisor.



Get a free trial with your coach

You can schedule 1-2 calls with your potential advisor/coach to get to know them and what it would be like to work with them. The two of you can discuss your top priority goals and prioritize focus areas together. 


Kick off Coaching

If you choose to move forward with an engagement, we'll schedule recurring coaching calls and work our way through your top priority focus areas. Plus, we will be there for your ad-hoc needs via async support.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"Sara’s coaching has been a game-changer for me at The Rounds. She has guided me to create, sharpen, and enroll the company in an exciting product vision, and to navigate complex strategy challenges. More than just product leadership, Sara guided me as I took on bigger responsibilities in Engineering and Digital Marketing. Her support was pivotal in building a high performing team and broadening my leadership skills. Prodify’s resources also helped me establish career ladders for all four functions under me. They have truly set a new standard for what I expect from coaching."

Dan Storms

Chief Product Officer
The Rounds

Dan Storms

"I worked closely with David at Prodify, where he supported me as my product coach. What made me most excited to work with David was his unique talent for seamlessly addressing both tactical and strategic work. David has an ability to share real-world examples from his extensive experience which provided me invaluable insights into how to approach various challenges.

David’s impact was tangible in critical areas for us including: 1) guiding us through defining our key customer outcomes and OKRs, 2) advising me on key decisions for a risky feature launch, 3) building awareness within our organization on what it means to truly become 'product-led.' Furthermore, his exceptional support in navigating complex situations with me and my CEO was instrumental in achieving positive outcomes.

I recommend David for his expertise and his ability to elevate any product management team. He also helped me grow personally as I transitioned to becoming a parent and balancing work - always infusing personal elements into our sessions."

Tom Hamilton

VP of Product Management

Tom Hamilton

"Matte has been great to work with. He is insightful and a fantastic communicator and coach. He was able to pick up on the nuances of our business and help us craft a product vision and strategy that has helped unify our team and charted a path to the next phase of our evolution. Through the work Matte helped guide, we have a better understanding of our customers and how to better meet their needs to power our growth strategy. Matte has provided a fresh, outside perspective and has helped us see opportunities to better align our team to be more in tune with customer need. On a personal level, my time spent with Matte has made me a better product leader."

Price Barnes

VP of Global Product Management


"I came into product management from UX design, which has given me a particular mindset on software development and product management. After an acquisition, I was promoted into the senior product leadership role and I sought out Prodify to help me see any blind spots I might have, to help me build confidence in my leadership style and philosophy, and to give me the best chance of success in my new role.

What sets Prodify apart is that you work with a real coach who develops an understanding of your journey into your current role and creates a tailored, real-world support and coaching program to help you grow and succeed. Nothing is pre-canned, although they do have an excellent library of materials, examples, templates, and research (and a great book, too!). Matte, my coach at Prodify, was a true thought partner providing both affirmation and critical feedback, helping me to clarify my thinking and planning within the nuances of my particular product, team, and company. I highly recommend Prodify to those keen on thriving in product leadership. It's time well spent."

Aaron Gray

VP of Product
Eleven Software


"If I’m developing a product, I want Matte Scheinker on my team! Having worked with Matte for over a year (and launching multiple products together), I can attest to his skillset as a master product advisor and coach. Matte strikes the perfect balance between being in the weeds and seeing the forest through the trees. What I appreciate most about Matte is that he can adapt to nearly any situation. When we were contemplating pivoting away from our core business model to build and launch a new product, Matte was involved in the minutiae (user research screeners, for example), as well as modeling how our decisions would impact the P&L. Matte is able to context switch with ease, and always drive the conversation back to what’s most important; how are we serving our customers?

I am glad to have crossed paths with Matte. He is a selfless and kind person that genuinely cares about the people he works with. I recommend Matte to anyone who asks."

Zach Shefska

Co-Founder & CEO


"Sara has been a great coach for me, particularly during my transition to a Director role. She’s pushed me to step into a more strategic role and provided actionable steps on how to do so. This has allowed me to empower my team to own their individual products, while I set the broader vision. I am a stronger product lead because of Sara’s coaching."

Dave Giambarresi

Director of Product
Growth Products at DrFirst Inc.


"Prodify coaching provided a vital boost to the product organization at Till. When we began, our team was light on product experience (something we have thankfully remedied). Prodify brought a brilliant framework and set of resources to our engagement. Rajesh's coaching provided the further contextualization and tailoring of these resources to our specific needs; a benefit I can hardly overstate. Through two product launches (and more explorations), Rajesh imbued our product team with his experience and insights, and I am forever grateful."

Dan Buechler

Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer


"Rajesh’s mentorship and advice has been invaluable to MarketSmart and also in my professional growth. I can’t stress enough how much of a pleasure it’s been to work with him and take his tangible suggestions to make our products even better. With his guidance, I’ve been able to setup metrics for me/my team’s success and present tangible results about our work to the company. I’m sincerely grateful to be working with him!"

Elizabeth Weiland

Product Manager


"Ben has been an invaluable addition to our team. As an advisor, he’s provided me with actionable recommendations into the what, how, and why of product management. Additionally, he’s helped coach and support our internal resources. This coaching has been incredibly effective in accelerating the rate with which we develop product."

Allen Gannett

Founder & CEO
TrackMaven (acquired by Skyword)


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