Apply to Become a Consultant with Prodify

We love meeting strong product leaders.  Through these meetings, we have had a rising interest in product management consultants wanting to work with Prodify. We have introduced our Prodify Advisory Community (PAC) as a way to get to know future Prodify consultants for when we have suitable client needs.

What is the Prodify Advisory Community?

The Prodify Advisor Community (PAC) is our opportunity to ensure every consultant we bring on meets the high standards of how Prodify operates with clients and aligns with our values. It’s also a chance for potential consultants to get to know us, how we work and our approach. It’s our hope that this is the beginning of a sustained collaboration.

As a member of PAC, you can expect the following:

  • Learn about Prodify: Monthly meetings to learn how Prodify works which includes learning our culture, common services we offer, and our product methodology.
  • Interview with the team: Interviews with the Prodify team so we can understand your product mindset and style of work.
  • Determine fit for you: This is a two-way street. We want you to use this time as an opportunity to get to know us and how we operate.
  • Collaborate and learn with other product experts: Expand your product knowledge by meeting and collaborating with the Prodify team.
  • Introductions to our community: Grow your product network, through membership in our client Slack community and participation in cross-client sessions.
Sara, Ben, Rajesh and David group work

Who Should Apply?

Seeking multiple experience levels

Throughout the year, we will run cohorts of PAC across various levels of product experience. This may include CPO, SVP/VP, Directors, Group PMs, and Sr. PMs.

We are in the process of defining the next cohort to start for 2024.  Once you apply, we will reach out when the cohort is defined and if you are a potential fit. 


Demonstrates a product-driven mindset

We believe in helping clients deliver product outcomes over outputs, and we are looking for candidates who believe the same.

Through the interview process, we will get to know your mindset and how you have demonstrated adding value to organizations.

Committed to consulting

The current opportunities to work with us are on a contractor basis (1099), which means your compensation will be variable based on client demand. 

Due to that, we want to ensure we are finding candidates who are committed to consulting and have been doing some of this work on their own. 

Any clients we can give you are additive to clients you already have. The hope is, over time, that your work will come more from Prodify than on your own. 


Is PAC paid?

While general participation in PAC is not paid, there are opportunities that can be paid.  As we get to know each other, we may identify either internal or client work that could use your support. These will be discussed and agreed upon in advance. They may include:

  • Presenting at a monthly cross-client meeting
  • Writing content such as a blog post or a library item
  • Supporting an advisor with a client need 
  • Taking on a client with a small work scope 

What is the time commitment?

What if I have questions?

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We will then review the candidates, and alert you if you are selected to be part of an upcoming cohort.