Product Management Consulting

Fill an interim product role.

As a CEO or product executive, you have to make sure your product delivers meaningful outcomes for both your customers and your company. Our product management consulting services help you identify and achieve those outcomes with precision, speed, and efficiency.

When should you hire a product management consultant?

  • You need a product leader to show immediate impact, and can't afford to go through a 3-6 month hiring cycle.
  • You have either a junior product team or no team, and you are looking to hire an expert.
  • Your existing product team is at capacity, and you have a short-term urgent initiative.
  • Your team is transitioning to a new development process, or lacks process all together.
  • Your team feels disconnected from your customers.
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Why work with Prodify?


Outcome-Driven Mindset

Prodify consultants help you focus on the key outcomes your customers or users are expecting your product to deliver. This way, customer value is turned into business value—a core concept in our book, Build What Matters.


Access a Network of Peers & Resources

Gain membership to The Prodify Guild—an invite-only community of product leaders—and access a premium library of guides, templates, and other practical resources. We also customize materials for your specific needs.


100 Years of Product Experience

Prodify consultants have over a century of combined experience working as individuals and with clients. Our product management consulting services apply their expertise to provide immediate value to your company. 

What product management support do you need?

Fractional CPO/VP/Head of Product

Areas of support:

• Setting product vision and strategy

• Communicating product updates to the board

• Mentoring PMs and designers

• Establishing a product-driven culture

Fractional Director/Group PM

Areas of support:

• Connecting product vision and strategy to individual product roadmaps

• Establishing product operations

• Mentoring PMs and designers

Fractional Sr. Product Managers

Areas of support:

• Shipping product releases with design and engineering

• Conducting user research

• Establishing product operations

• Analyzing product data

How It Works


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First, we meet to better understand your needs. We'll discuss your product goals, the challenges you're facing, and match you with the right consultant.


Get to know your consultant

You should get to know your consultant before making a decision. There is no risk to you, and you'll get immediate product consulting value.


Start a formal engagement

Get your product vision on-track with an agile mindset and frequent check-ins. Our approach of "demoing" deliverables regularly ensures we're delivering on key outcomes.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

"I have been surprised and delighted at how quickly Rajesh has come up to speed on our highly technical product and market. He attended one of our trade shows and spontaneously gave product demos at our booth, just weeks after starting to work with us!"

Baron Schwartz



"Prodify was an invaluable resource during our customer discovery research initiative, assisting with research plan creation, execution, and analysis. Their expertise was instrumental in making several key strategic decisions based on insights uncovered during the study. We would partner with Prodify again in a heartbeat."

Paige Morschauser

Product Lead


"I first encountered Prodify in a working session sponsored by one of our investors at Savonix and was impressed. As a result I brought Rajesh on as a product advisor to help us transition to a product-driven, user-centric organization. He went on to do a great job as an Interim VP of Product. In that role he was instrumental in building out our product team and processes and to convert my vision as the founder into a product vision and strategy grounded in buyer and user insights. For any startup founders or CEOs looking for product help, the team at Prodify are change makers that will drive your organization forward."

Mylea Charvat, PhD



Interested in becoming a Prodify Consultant?

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