Startup Product Advising

Turn your vision into a product strategy your team can get behind

As a startup founder or CEO,  you've got a lot on your plate between the Board, fundraising, hiring, and operations. This doesn't change the fact that your long-term product strategy is crucial to the success of your company. 

These are the services we offer to startup founders and CEOs who are trying to build a scalable, product-led business.


Product Advising

Get expert perspective on tough product decisions

When We Can Help

  • You're circling around product-market fit but are not confident about the right next steps.
  • You're ready to scale your business and product teams but not sure how to do it.
  • You'd like to establish a more product-driven culture and operations.
  • You're launching a second product and need to define the scope.

Product Hiring

Hire a the right product person at the right time

When We Can Help

  • You're wondering whether it's time to make your first product hire.
  • You're not sure what level or type of product person to hire.
  • It's hard to know what questions to ask candidates to see if they're a good fit.

Product Executive Coaching

Refine your ability to be a great product leader (or get coaching for a teammate)

When We Can Help

  • You'd like to offer a new product executive support as they take on new responsibilities.
  • You’re stepping into a product executive role for the first time.
  • You’d like another set of product eyes on the major decisions you’re making.
  • You want to establish a customer-centric and outcome-oriented culture.
  • You’d like help refining your product operations (org structure, process, tools, etc).

Virtual Product Vision & Strategy Workshops

Set a product vision and strategy to inspire your team and investors

When We Can Help

  • You're not sure investors understand the company's potential based on the market and where the product could go.
  • You hear different answers from the team when asked about the vision and strategy.
  • You have an urgent need to clarify the target market and long term direction to help the team decide what to do next.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"I first encountered Prodify in a working session sponsored by one of our investors at Savonix and was impressed. As a result I brought Rajesh on as a product advisor to help us transition to a product-driven, user-centric organization. He went on to do a great job as an Interim VP of Product. In that role he was instrumental in building out our product team and processes and to convert my vision as the founder into a product vision and strategy grounded in buyer and user insights. For any startup founders or CEOs looking for product help, the team at Prodify are change makers that will drive your organization forward."

Mylea Charvat, PhD



"As an advisory board member, Ben has provided world-class product strategy and design expertise to Whoop. He’s rolled up his sleeves, challenged us, and presented new and innovative ideas. I’m amazed by how much he brings to the table. Ben is the real deal."

Will Ahmed



"Ben was instrumental in helping us hire a Chief Product Officer. In a short time, he envisioned and delivered a robust hiring plan including in-depth interview questions, a clever candidate assignment, and a thorough candidate scorecard. He personally interviewed our finalists and provided valuable and novel insights on each. The process was outstanding every step of the way. I would highly recommend Ben to anyone who has needs to hire a top-quality product executive."

Rob Wenger

Higher Logic


"I first met Rajesh through a colleague and sought his advice on how to sell to bigger financial institutions. Through our calls, he really helped nail down our early product marketing to land that first client. He also pushed my own product thinking on roadmapping to not only focus on the features and milestones but also communicating HOW and WHY those were the right things to work on to get the business to the next inflection point. Prodify really helped me build product momentum early on."

Gideon Taub

CEO and Founder

Gideon Taub

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