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Prodify Product Advisors - Speaking

Understand Your Audience

We'll start by discussing who your audience will be, and what you're looking to achieve.  We've done talks and workshops for:

  • Conferences
  • Corporate events
  • Portfolio company events
  • Executive team / board meetings
  • Product management / team offsites
  • Business school programs
  • Product Meetups
  • Weddings (just kidding)
Prodify Product Advisors - Current Talks

An Engaging Talk

We wouldn't consider ourselves product professors.  In all of our talks, we not only present the theory behind Vision-Led Product Management but also war stories that led to our best practices.  These are the current talks we give:

Feedback Survey

We practice what we preach, so we always love sending a feedback survey after an event to understand how it was perceived.  We're happy to share results with you.

Prodify Client - Sanjiv Augustine
Ben is a fantastic public speaker and thought leader with a special gift for simultaneously reaching executive and general audiences, making him our natural choice as the opening keynote multiple times over.

Prodify Client - Sanjiv Augustine

Executive Forum Chair at Agile Alliance

Prodify Client - Jess Koncz
I had the pleasure of hearing Rajesh speak at Launch where I learnt about the importance of having a product vision. Not only was this presentation detailed and insightful but Rajesh also provided a lot of valuable founder specific feedback in the Q&A. I couldn't recommend Rajesh more highly and look forward to working one-on-one with his team.

Jess Koncz

Founder & CEO of Eatsee

See Us In Action

Get links to our talks, some of which have been video taped.


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Prodify Vision Led Product Management Framework

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Let us know about your event details - date / time, location, audience and topics of interest.  We'll let you know our availability and we can go from there.

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