Prodify Vision Led Product Management - Services


These are our most common services.  They all include:


Monthly Subscription

Weekly phone / video calls and time for emails in between.  Cancel any time.

Access to The Library

Templates,  guides and real-world examples of product deliverables to help you move faster.

Access to The Guild

Membership to an invite-only community of our clients and advisors from across the US who share best practices virtually.

Product Therapy

We get it - product management isn't easy.  We're here for you - let it all out.


Prodify Product Advisors - Planning


Document a vision and strategy.

We'll help you build a customer outcome KPI pyramid, document a customer journey vision and then build a strategic plan to realize that vision and amplify the value you're delivering to customers.

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Prodify Product Advisors - Executing


Create and execute a roadmap.

We'll advise you in creating a roadmap that balances quick wins, strategic initiatives and product hygiene, then work with you to get the right team structure, people and processes to deliver that roadmap. 

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Prodify Product Advisors - Coaching


Accelerate your product career.

We'll help you craft your product management career path and then coach you to develop the skills you'll need to walk that path, using the work you're doing currently as the vehicle for teaching.

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Prodify Product Advisors - Consulting


Fill an interim product role.

We'll step in as a product manager / exec if you need part-time help, are in the hiring process or have a product team member on leave.

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Prodify Product Advisors - Hiring


Hire a rockstar product person.

We'll help you post a role at the right level, screen candidates (includes a homework assignment), and coordinate interview questions. 

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Prodify Product Advisors - Speaking


Educate by engaging.

We'll present Vision-Led Product Management to your audience - both in theory and with real-world stories to bring the theory to life.

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Prodify Product Advisors - Training


Level up your skills.

Learn and apply Vision-Led Product Management at your company through training, a membership to the Prodify Guild and ongoing support.

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