Product Team Lead Coaching

Learn how to manage people and build your product leadership skills

As a Director or Group Product Manager, your team looks to you for mentorship and your executives look to you to refine the product vision and strategy and execute the product roadmap.

These are the services we offer to product team leads at startups, growth-stage companies and enterprise companies.

Product Coaching

Level up your product management skills

When We Can Help

  • You just got promoted (congrats!) and want help transitioning to people management.
  • You’d like another set of product eyes on the major decisions you’re making.
  • You’d like guidance on product operations (metrics, org structure, process, etc).

Product Team Coaching

Level up your team’s skills

When We Can Help

  • Your team has first-time or junior product managers.
  • The team could use help with foundational skills like design, prioritizing and metrics.
  • Generic product training isn’t helpful because it’s not tailored to how you want to "do product."

Virtual Product Vision & Strategy Workshops

Set a product vision and strategy to inspire your team and executives

When We Can Help

  • You want to set a clear vision and strategy for your part of the product portfolio.
  • You want to rationalize near-term sprint work in the context of the big picture.
  • You hear different answers from the team when asked about the vision and strategy.
  • You have urgent need to clarify the target market and long term direction to help the team decide what to do next.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"Sara has been an incredible resource for me through my evolution to a Product Team lead. She has provided me with guidance on KPIs, customer research, and roadmapping - all with the goal of producing better outcomes for our customers and for the business. I love that she pairs her recommendations with templates and worksheets from The Prodify Library. I look forward to continuing to learn from her."

Manisha Taparia

Product Team Lead
ShipBob, Inc.


"Sara has been a great coach for me, particularly during my transition to a Director role. She’s pushed me to step into a more strategic role and provided actionable steps on how to do so. This has allowed me to empower my team to own their individual products, while I set the broader vision. I am a stronger product lead because of Sara’s coaching."

Dave Giambarresi

Director of Product


"Rajesh’s mentorship and advice has been invaluable to MarketSmart and also in my professional growth. I can’t stress enough how much of a pleasure it’s been to work with him and take his tangible suggestions to make our products even better. With his guidance, I’ve been able to setup metrics for me/my team’s success and present tangible results about our work to the company. I’m sincerely grateful to be working with him!"

Elizabeth Weiland

Director of Product


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