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Bringing Vision-Led Product Management to Your Company

Being Product-Driven

Becoming product-driven is critical for tech companies with big ambitions and we believe the path to becoming product driven is to establish a long term product vision that will meet the needs of your current and future customers. A vision for what the future should look like when your product is meeting that new customer's need - from the customer's perspective.  With this approach, companies are able to:

  • Discover what metrics actually matters to customers and start obsessing over those metrics
  • Create a customer journey vision that can deliver 10x the outcome the product does today
  • Identify gaps in their existing product and create a strategic plan to fill those gaps
  • Create a clear roadmap that your entire team is aligned on

The question becomes, "How do we do that?" 

The Prodify Library

In an effort to help clients accelerate the time to produce product deliverables, and apply best practices from Vision-Led Product Management, we’ve created The Library. The Library is a Google Drive full of guides, templates and real-world examples we've compiled over the years and made available to clients to learn from and leverage. Every month, we spend 10-20 hours adding and refining content in The Library, largely driven off of client discussions. To see all a list of all the resources in the library, check out the Prodify Library Index.

We've decided to release a few of our most popular library artifacts to the public to help teams get started with Vision-Led Product Management.


Strategic Planning

Identify your customer's key outcomes to form your product KPIs, create a customer journey vision to 10x that outcome and craft a strategy to realize that vision.

  • Guide to Strategic Product Planning
  • Outcome KPI Pyramid Worksheet
  • Guide to Creating a Customer Journey Vision

Customer Journey

Build delightful customer experiences by working through the 6 chapters of the customer journey, learn about great product design and create useful customer personas to know who you are building for. 

  • Design Guide
  • Persona Guide


Optimize your product operations by learning how to create, refine and communicate a balanced product roadmap, ship product releases efficiently and measure the impact of those releases.

  • Execution Guide
  • Roadmap Guide

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