Lead With A Strong Product Vision

Are any of these happening at your company?

  • No one seems to understand the long term direction for the product
  • There's an ongoing debate about how to move the product forward
  • The changes in each product release feel random and reactive to feedback

A documented product vision and strategy might be the missing link, and our guides can help create both.

Get three of our most popular guides.


#1. Outcome KPI Pyramids Worksheet

This spreadsheet helps you identify and prioritize your target personas, the key outcome they're trying to achieve, and the KPIs to track value creation so that you don't lose sight of what matters to your customers when crafting your vision and strategy.

#2. Guide to Creating a Customer Journey Vision

This document guides you through the process of creating a Customer Journey Vision, with examples at each step, as well as tips and tricks to use as you work through the process yourself.


#3. Guide to Strategic Product Planning

This document walks you through the 4 steps to forming a strategic plan in order to realize your vision. Worksheets, templates, and examples are included at every step to help you craft your own strategic plan.

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Creating a product vision and strategy to realize is hard. It's the most common thing companies have hired us to help with. But after doing it for years, we've created this worksheet and guides to help you get started on your own.

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