Create and execute a roadmap.

What's Included

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Create a Roadmap

We'll coach you to create a customer journey roadmap that balances between:

  • Strategic progress towards the vision
  • Near-term optimizations to respond to simple customer / internal stakeholder requests
  • Product hygiene work to maintain performance, uptime and security

Optimize Processes

We'll advise you and your product, engineering and design teams on opportunities to improve the efficiency of how product releases are planned and executed.  In particular, we'll look at how to apply an Agile mindset to ensure you're investing time proportionate to confidence.


Review Team Structure

We'll advise you on how to:

  • Ensure you have the right quantitative and qualitative feedback loops to make product decisions
  • Organize your cross-functional teams appropriately to give them autonomy and clear goals
  • Staff your product management team with the right people, or identify what skills existing team members can develop to make them more effective 

See How We Apply The Framework

Read blog posts related to creating a roadmap, accelerating product development, structuring your product development teams and hiring / developing the best product folks.

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How It Works



1. Explore Our Framework

We want to work with companies who understand what Vision-Led Product Management is, and why we think it's the right framework to use. 

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2. Do a Free Trial

Set up 2-3 video/phone calls to get to know us better. During those calls, we'll discuss the current state of your product roadmap, processes and team. We'll explain how we work and tailor an engagement proposal for you to review.

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3. Kick Off Engagement

Take your time to talk to teammates and decide whether it's the right time to engage us.  No worries if not - we love meeting new companies.

If so, we'll schedule a kickoff meeting / workshop (typically on-site) and continue from there with weekly calls driven off a shared agenda document.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"Ben can tackle the toughest Product problems and has my highest recommendation. At Storyblocks, he’s partnered with our executive team to define our strategic product roadmap, helped us identify and hire the best PM talent, and provided indispensable day-to-day counsel along the way."

Jonathan Fulton

Former SVP of Product & Engineering


"As an entrepreneur the tendency for me was to go as fast as possible and skip a lot of process. As our start-up as matured I learned from Rajesh that going fast is still important but putting in place a thoughtful path to customer value was equally important. His education on the product process was very actionable and impactful in creating the HUNGRY online marketplace platform."

Shy Pahlevani

Head of Product
HUNGRY Marketplace

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