Hire a rockstar product person, quickly.

What's Included


Determine the Right Role

We'll work with you to understand what success would look like for this person, what level to hire, and whether the person should be part-time or full-time. We can even put together the job description if you like.

Source and Screen Candidates

We'll share your role with our product networks. Then we'll do resume and phone screens as well as grade a custom-made homework assignment to decide who should be brought in for final-round interviews. We'll of course share notes on those candidates along the way.


Coordinate Final Round Interviews

We can assign tailored questions across the interview panel to ensure each employee gets to cover a key responsibility and probe on any areas of concern or confusion. Ultimately we'll provide our vote on every final-round candidate.

See Hiring Best Practices

Read blog posts about what we've learned from hiring hundreds of product managers.

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How It Works



1. Learn About Us

Read about Vision-Led Product Management and check out our team of product experts who can help you.



2. Do Free Trial

Set up some time to tell us more about your situation and hear our perspective on whether you're ready for a product hire and if so, the right level. We can do 1-2 more calls afterwards if you like.

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3. Kick Off Engagement

Take your time to decide whether it's the right time to engage us.  No worries if it doesn't work out - we love meeting new companies.

If you do choose to continue, we'll schedule an engagement kickoff and then check in regularly via email and calls during the hiring process, which can be as fast as a couple of weeks if the candidate pipeline is strong.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"I don't usually hire recruiters, but given how critical our Head of Product role is to the business and how hard it is to know who's great versus good, I decided to work with Rajesh through the recommendation of another advisor. He offered great hiring insights through every phase of the engagement - from shaping the role to screening candidates (including an on-site product "jam session") to recruiting Fernando. I'd highly recommend Prodify to founders making a Head of Product hire."

Devin Dvorak

Founder and CEO


"Finding a solid Head of Product isn’t easy, but it was critical for our business. We partnered with Rajesh to help us hire this role and he was nothing short of exceptional! He recruited all the candidates, screened them using a tailored set of questions, and ensured they would bring the key product management skills we needed through a lightweight but powerful homework assignment. I’d encourage any startup founder looking to make their first crucial product hire to speak to Rajesh and the Prodify team."

Stephen Sokoler

Founder and CEO


"Ben was instrumental in helping us hire a Chief Product Officer. In a short time, he envisioned and delivered a robust hiring plan including in-depth interview questions, a clever candidate assignment, and a thorough candidate scorecard. He personally interviewed our finalists and provided valuable and novel insights on each. The process was outstanding every step of the way. I would highly recommend Ben to anyone who has needs to hire a top-quality product executive."

Rob Wenger

Higher Logic


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