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Vision-Led Product Management Training + Coaching

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As a product executive, setting a customer-centric vision and a strategy to realize it is critical to defining the pathway to innovation and revealing clear priorities for product development.

This program will guide you through our Vision-Led Product Management framework and provide individualized coaching to help you unlock those priorities within your company and deliver long-term value to your customers.

You'll Learn How To:


Define your target market

Clarify your target audience(s) for your product to avoid internal confusion


Identify the right metrics

Choose the right metrics to measure your product's success


Define a clear vision

Articulate a clear, customer-centric vision for your product


Create a strategic plan

Define a multi-year strategic plan to make the customer journey vision real


Build a balanced roadmap

Create a roadmap that balances strategic progress and near-term priorities


Set the roadmap in motion

Identify the right processes, org structures, and team to execute the roadmap

Our Framework

Having worked with 75 companies over 7 years, we started to identify a lot of patterns in the product challenges they were facing. Their challenges were similar to the ones we've faced ourselves as product leaders at startups and Fortune 500 companies alike.

So we packaged our best practices in addressing these challenges into a framework called Vision-Led Product Management and explained how to use it to ship the right product in our #1 Amazon Best Seller: Build What Matters.

Our training + coaching program is based on the Vision-Led Product Management framework and will empower product executives to apply the concepts from the book to create a customer-centric product direction that inspires their customers, company, and investors.


Meet Your Trainers


Rajesh Nerlikar

Rajesh is the co-founder and Chief Product Advisor/Coach at Prodify and the co-author of Build What Matters. He has more than 15 years of experience leading product teams and has helped more than 30 companies apply the Vision-Led Product Management framework.


Matte Scheinker

Matte has worked in product leadership roles at large companies like Yahoo and AOL and ran Product at high-growth startups like FutureAdvisor, Lyra Health, and Hightail. At Prodify, Matte is a Senior Coach and Advisor.


Sara Bial Zalowitz

Sara’s two-decades in product leadership include being Rent the Runway’s first Chief Product Officer, the VP of Product for WeddingWire, and VP of Digital Innovation at Marriott. At Prodify, Sara applies her immense experience as our Senior Coach and Advisor.

How It Works

To give you time to both learn and apply the framework, the training is held over six Fridays.

What's Included:

  • 3 training sessions to cover key concepts (every other Friday)
  • 3 one-on-one coaching sessions to apply key concepts to your product (weeks between training sessions)
  • A copy of Build What Matters
  • Quarterly email check ins for ongoing support
  • An annual membership to the Prodify Guild, our private community where you can continue to learn from other product professionals


  • $1,995 one time fee payable by invoice or credit card.

The Training Schedule


Key customer outcomes

Week 1  ·  1.5 Hours (group session)

  • General kickoff
  • An introduction to Vision-Led Product Management
  • Selecting, defining and documenting key customer outcomes 

Week 2  ·  45 minutes (private session scheduled based on your calendar)

  • Review your draft key customer outcome pyramid (KPIs)
  • This private session is open to your internal collaborators as well

Customer journey vision & strategic planning

Week 3  ·  1.5 Hours (group session)

  • Defining and documenting the customer journey vision
  • Using your customer journey vision to craft an effective strategic planning

Week 4  ·  45 minutes (private session scheduled based on your calendar)

  • Review your draft customer journey vision and strategic plan
  • This private session is open to your internal collaborators as well


Week 5  ·  1.5 Hours (group session)

  • How to balance your roadmap
  • Executing roadmaps in the real world
  • Wrap up and next steps

Week 6 ·  45 minutes (private session scheduled based on your calendar)

  • Review your draft roadmap
  • This private session is open to your internal collaborators as well

What Our Clients Are Saying

"I took Prodify’s Vision-Led Product Management training just before stepping into a new product leadership role. The training became my 90 day onboarding plan, providing a structured approach to compile our product vision and strategic roadmap. Matte and the Prodify Team became a sounding board for my ideas and an invaluable source of advice. I’d recommend the program to any new product leader."

Mike Brown

VP of Product


"The Vision-Led Product Management training was outstanding. It delivered a great combination of practical product management insights and real use cases from industry experts. The program provided a framework and resources I needed to build a vision, strategy and to translate both into a roadmap and execution plan. Rajesh, Sara, and Matte gave me the coaching and actionable steps needed to become a stronger product leader."

Phil Leacock

Product Management Director
JLL Technologies


"I can’t speak highly enough of Prodify’s Vision-Led Product Management framework and coaching program. It has helped me connect the long term product vision with an actionable strategy and roadmap in a way that is all too often missing on product teams today, where so much of the focus tends to be on agile methodologies and meeting short term goals. The program addressed several challenges and pitfalls I have seen and experienced after 10+ years working in product management and tied everything together in a super useful and practical way. Matte’s coaching and guidance have also been instrumental in our execution of the framework and I’m confident this will have a direct impact on RentCheck’s continued and future success."

Lucy Warburton

Head of Product


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