Strategic Planning

Document a vision and strategic plan to realize it.

What's Included


Identify Outcome Metrics

We'll coach you as you build 2 KPI pyramids - one for your business and one for your customers. Each pyramid starts with the metric that quantifies the outcome that stakeholder seeks from your product. This is an exercise in internal alignment on how to measure product success.

Envision A Better Customer Journey

We'll coach you through the process of imagining a future customer journey that delivers a 10x outcome compared to today's product.  The customer journey is typically expressed as a comic strip covering all 6 chapters: trigger, discovery, evaluation, trial, usage and switching.


Create Strategic Plan

We'll work backwards from the customer journey vision to identify key milestones over the next few quarters / years to help realize that vision. The sequencing of work depends on technical dependencies, competition and moat-building.

See How We Apply The Framework

Read blog posts related to identifying key outcomes (especially from a customer's perspective), envisioning a 10x customer journey, and creating a strategic plan.

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How It Works



1. Explore Our Framework

We want to work with companies who understand what Vision-Led Product Management is, and why we think it's the right framework to use.

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2. Do a Free Trial

Set up 2-3 video/phone calls to get to know us better. During those calls, we'll discuss the current state of your product vision or strategy and talk about some simple steps you can take to make progress. We'll explain how we work and tailor an engagement proposal for you to review.

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3. Kick Off Engagement

Take your time to talk to teammates and decide whether it's the right time to engage us.  No worries if not - we love meeting new companies.

If so, we'll schedule a kickoff meeting / workshop (typically on-site) and continue from there with weekly calls driven off a shared agenda document.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"As an advisory board member, Ben has provided world-class product strategy and design expertise to Whoop. He’s rolled up his sleeves, challenged us, and presented new and innovative ideas. I’m amazed by how much he brings to the table. Ben is the real deal."

Will Ahmed



"Ben & Rajesh continued to spur innovation with me by sharing an incredible amount of new ideas and features. They understood our product and space immediately, which helped drive thinking on exciting new products that would help us increase wallet share and retention with our customers. Its rare that an outside product advisor can come into a new business and innovate quickly as though they were always there.."

Shy Pahlevani

Head of Product
HUNGRY Marketplace

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