Product Executive Coaching

Helping product executives make tough product decisions

As a product executive (Chief Product Officer, Chief Technology Officer or VP of Product), the decisions you make can have a profound impact on the success of the company.

These are the services we offer to help product execs make tough decisions related to product vision and strategy, go-to-market, product development processes and team structure.

Product Executive Coaching

Become a better product leader

When We Can Help

  • You’re stepping into a product executive role for the first time.
  • You’d like another set of product eyes on the major decisions you’re making.
  • You want to establish a customer-centric and outcome-oriented culture.
  • You’d like help refining your product operations (org structure, process, tools, etc).

Product Team Coaching

Level up your team’s skills

When We Can Help

  • Your team has first-time or junior product managers.
  • The team could use help with foundational skills like design, prioritization and metrics.
  • Generic product training isn’t helpful because it’s not tailored to how you "do product."

Product Hiring

Hire the right product person at the right time

When We Can Help

  • You don't have time to focus on initial candidate screening.
  • You're wondering whether it's time to make a product hire.
  • You're not sure what level or type of product person to hire.
  • It's hard to know what questions to ask candidates to see if they're a good fit.

Virtual Product Vision & Strategy Workshops

Set a product vision and strategy to inspire your team and investors

When We Can Help

  • Your stakeholders are confused about where the product is headed and how you'll get there.
  • The Board doesn't understand the product vision, strategy or roadmap.
  • You hear different answers from the team when asked about the  product vision and strategy.
  • You have an urgent need to clarify the target market and long term direction to help the team decide what to do next.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"Rajesh started as a product advisor and then brought his product-driven mindset as an Interim VP of Product. He brought a strong discipline of identifying the key outcomes of our clients and end-users across various segments, and weaved that into a very useful framework, which then fed into our product strategy. At an operational level, he was instrumental in identifying next steps in finding product-market fit and introducing a process for the team to bring qualitative feedback into our process amidst a major replatforming. His impact on our product, business and team were immense, and I'd recommend him and his firm to anyone looking for strong product advice."

Pin Chin Kwok

Chief Business Officer
Savonix, Inc.


"People say that change is hard, but it is much easier when you have Sara and the Prodify team to work with. Since starting to work with Sara a little over six months ago, she has been invaluable in our transition to a product-led organization using Prodify’s Vision-Led Product Management approach. Her expertise as not only a coach but a practitioner has helped with the adoption of best practices through the product development process including vision creation and customer research. I highly recommend Sara and the Prodify team to assist any product organization in their quest to build what matters."

George Mitsopoulos

Chief Product Officer


"We began working with Prodify at the start of a major new product initiative to help us validate our strategy and reinforce our product experience. Beginning with the initial workshop, Rajesh helped us to paint a clear picture of our vision and to build a clear path to get there. At each step along the way, Rajesh has been an excellent source of ideas and questions that have clarified our thinking and helped us achieve our goals."

Dante Cassanego

Juntos, Inc.


"Prodify coaching provided a vital boost to the product organization at Till. When we began, our team was light on product experience (something we have thankfully remedied). Prodify brought a brilliant framework and set of resources to our engagement. Rajesh's coaching provided the further contextualization and tailoring of these resources to our specific needs; a benefit I can hardly overstate. Through two product launches (and more explorations), Rajesh imbued our product team with his experience and insights, and I am forever grateful."

Dan Buechler

Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer


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