Vision-Led Product Management

A Framework Decades In The Making


Key Concepts


Start With a Customer Outcome Metric

Everyone obsesses over internal metrics like revenue, NPS and MAUs.  No customer cares about those - so figure out how they measure the success of your product and start obsessing over those metrics too.

Envision 10x Outcomes

Once you know what outcome your customer expects your product to deliver (and how to measure it), think about a customer journey that could deliver 10x the outcome the product does today.


Work Backwards

Once you have a customer journey vision, work backwards by identifying the major changes required to realize that vision and then creating a strategic plan that shows how the customer journey will change over time.

Create a Roadmap

Once you have a sense of where you're headed in the long-term, balance your near-term roadmap between Innovation (strategic progress towards the vision), Iteration (near-term optimizations) and Operation (modern SaaS product operational taxes like uptime, performance, security, etc).


Execute the Roadmap

To deliver the roadmap, make sure you have the right team structure, people and processes in place as all 3 will affect your customer journey.

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Marty Cagan

Founder of Silicon Valley Product Group and Author of Inspired


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