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Vision-Led Product Management by Prodify

A Framework Decades In The Making

Key Concepts


Prodify Framework - Outcome Metrics

Start With a Customer Outcome Metric

Everyone obsesses over internal metrics like revenue, NPS and MAUs.  No customer cares about those - so figure out how they measure the success of your product and start obsessing over those metrics too.

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Prodify Framework - Customer Journey Chapters

Envision 10x Outcomes

Once you know what outcome your customer expects your product to deliver (and how to measure it), think about a customer journey that could deliver 10x the outcome the product does today.

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Strategic Customer Journey Plan

Work Backwards

Once you have a customer journey vision, work backwards by identifying the major changes required to realize that vision and then creating a strategic plan that shows how the customer journey will change over time.

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Roadmap Balancing Small - C

Create a Roadmap

Once you have a sense of where you're headed in the long-term, balance your near-term roadmap between strategic progress towards the vision, near-term optimizations and product hygiene (uptime, performance, security, etc).

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Roadmap Execution Components that Impact Customer Journey

Execute the Roadmap

To deliver the roadmap, make sure you have the right team structure, people and processes in place as all 3 will affect your customer journey.

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