Customer Journey Vision

A future state, from your customer's perspective.


The Value of a Customer Journey Vision

Be Customer Centric

Explain the future from a customer's perspective, not as a list of features.

Encourage Collaboration

Break down functional silos while focusing on a great customer experience.

Get Alignment

Customers and colleagues can provide feedback on a concrete vision.

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Forming a Customer Journey Vision

1. Identify Market Trends

Think about what trends will affect your customers' behavior over the next few years. Document them and cite data sources so you can get agreement they're relevant.

2. Imagine A Better Outcome

Reference your Customer Outcome KPI Pyramid. What could 10x that outcome? Doubling their sales pipeline? Saving them more time?

3. Align on Vision

Work in small groups and share your envisioned customer journeys. Identify commonalities and key differences. Whittle it down to one vision.

4. Create Artifacts

We recommend a comic strip, mockups and a 1-pager that rationalizes the visual artifacts. That way there's no confusion about the intended journey.

See Example Customer Journey Visions

Read blog posts on best practices for creating and using this artifact based on real-world products.

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