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Startup Founder

Startup Founders & CEOs

Between fundraising, hiring and operations, you've got enough to worry about.  We can help convert your vision into an actionable product plan for your team.
Product Execs

Product Executives & CTOs

Whether you've been doing product forever or just taking over a product team, we can be your sounding board on the decisions you're making. 
Product Team

Product Team Leads

As you add people management to your responsibilities, we can provide best practices for how to manage and develop product managers. 
Entire Product Teams

Entire Product Teams

Big product teams get complex.  In addition to 1:1 mentoring, we facilitate regular team workshops to apply best practices to real challenges the team faces.
Individual PM

Individual Product Managers

Being a product manager is hard, especially if you're the only one at a startup.  We can guide you through any situation, sharing our war stories along the way.

Investors & Accelerators

Not every team has a product rockstar.  We can help portfolio companies by coaching them on Vision-Led Product Management.


Client Map

Prodify's Client Reach

Every Industry

We've worked in Financial Services, Sustainability, Healthcare, Ecommerce, Nonprofit and Marketing, to name a few.

Every Business Model

We work with B2B (and B2b), B2C, B2B2C, and Marketplace.

Every Product Stage

We help with launching, finding product-market fit, scaling, maintaining and sunsetting products.


Note that these aren't all of our clients, but most. Some are not public knowledge.
Prodify Client - Clarity


Oakland, CA

Monitoring air quality with quick-install sensors.

Prodify Client - YieldX


New York, NY

Providing personalized fixed-income investing at scale.

Prodify Client - Indico


Boston, MA

Automating document intake, processing and organization.

Prodify Client - Savonix


San Francisco, CA

On a mission to end dementia with digital cognitive assessments.

Prodify Client - Till


Washington, DC

Improving the financial stability of renters.

Prodify Client - Dr First


Washington, DC

Enhancing the doctor's clinical view of the patient to drive better health outcomes.

Prodify Client - OrderGroove


New York, NY

Transforming commerce with the ultimate subscriber experience. 

Prodify Client - Storyblocks


Arlington, VA

Unlimited downloads of stock video, footage, images, audio, and more.

Engie Impact

Engie Impact

Boston, MA

Helping enterprise companies become more sustainable.

Prodify Client - MarketSmart


College Park, MD

Helping nonprofits qualify, prioritize and cultivate major donors and legacy supporters with ease.

Prodify Client -  Pinkaloo


Baltimore, MD

Making it easier to donate to the charities most important to you.

Prodify Client - Advantia Health

Advantia Health

Arlington, VA

Helping women manage their health and the health of their families.

Prodify Client -  10% Happier

10% Happier

Boston, MA

Meditation for fidgety skeptics.

Prodify Client - Play Octopus

Play Octopus

Bethesda, MD

Creating a new digital experience for rideshare passengers.

Prodify Client - RentCheck


New Orleans, LA

Improving the rental experience by digitizing move-in /move-out inspections.

Prodify Client - Ostendio


Arlington, VA

Making it easy for companies to pass security audits and build a security program.

Prodify Client - Blueprint income

Blueprint Income

New York, NY

Personal annuity solution for better retirement planning.

Prodify Client - HUNGRY Marketplace

HUNGRY Marketplace

Arlington, VA

Affordable office catering from incredible local chefs.

Prodify Client - Crayon


Boston, MA

Market and competitive intelligence tools

Prodify Client - Lawgix


Austin, TX

Making legal operations more efficient at financial institutions

Prodify Client - VividCortex


Charlottesville, VA

Improving enterprise database performance

Prodify Client - Stardog


Arlington, VA

Stardog unifies enterprise data for more insights, faster and easier.

Prodify Client - CrossLead


Washington, DC

Enterprise performance management for the digital age.

Prodify Client - Impelo


Tel Aviv, Israel

Let a bot record, transcribe and send meeting summaries for your online meetings.

Prodify Client - Whoop


Boston, MA

Making individuals and teams perform at a higher level through a deeper understanding of their bodies and daily lives.

Prodify Client - GoCanvas


Reston, VA

Replacing expensive and inefficient paper forms with powerful apps on smartphones and tablets.

Prodify Client - RocketDollar

Rocket Dollar

Austin, TX

Making it easier to invest your retirement savings in alternative assets like startups and cryptocurrency.

Prodify Client - Urbanstems


Washington, DC

Fresh flowers delivered in minutes.

Prodify Client - Homezen


Washington, DC 

Helps people more easily and cheaply sell their homes.

Prodify Client - Dorsata


Arlington, VA

Streamlining healthcare documentation through technology.

Prodify Client - Paintzen


New York, NY

Taking the pain out of painting with instant quotes and online booking.

Prodify Client - Contactually


Washington, DC

Contactually helps businesses follow up with the right people, at the right time, to maximize relationship ROI.

Prodify Client - Higher Logic

Higher Logic

Arlington, VA

Industry leader in cloud-based community platforms

Prodify Client - Track Maven


Washington, DC

Competitive intelligence for digital marketers.

Prodify Client - FiscalNote


Washington, DC

Using open data and artificial intelligence to foster a transparent legal system.

Prodify Client - Acquicore


Washington, DC

Bringing energy operations to the 21st century.

Prodify Client - LiveSafe


Arlington, VA

Making our world a safer place through mobile technology.

Prodify Client - Contently


New York, NY

Helping leading brands build loyal audiences through premium, original content.

Prodify Client - Sensity


Sunnyvale, CA

Applications driven by leveraging the Lighting Technology Infrastructure. (Acquired by Verizon)

Prodify Client - First Fuel


Lexington, MA

The global leader in commercial energy intelligence.

Prodify Client - Zoosk


San Francisco, CA

More singles who are more your style.

Prodify Client - LifeFuels


Reston, VA

Personalized beverages, wherever life takes you.

Prodify Client - WeSpire


Boston, MA

Empowering employees through purposeful work.

Prodify Client - Jana


Boston, MA

Making the internet free for the next billion.

Prodify Client - Sample6


Cambridge, MA

Providing food safety through in-plant, in-shift pathogen detection and control.

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