Effectively ship changes to your customer journey.


The Value of Great Execution

Move Swiftly

Ship important changes faster with the right people and processes in place.

Be Data Driven

Use insights from customer behavior data and interviews to make decisions.

Keep Employees Happy

People want to see the impact of their work ASAP.

Executing on a Roadmap Effectively


1. Review Your Feedback Loops

You'll need to balance between internal and customer feedback as well as quantitative and qualitative feedback.

2. Review Your Team Structure

Does each team have a clear goal and the ability to operate with autonomy (but not necessarily in silos)?

3. Review Your People

Do you have the right people in the right places to execute your roadmap? In particular, look at the skills needed for the product team - from being data-driven to establishing a vision and competitive differentiation to shipping product.

4. Review Your Processes

How does something get on the roadmap? How do we validate that we're spending time on the most important work? Take a hard look at how your customer journey is built.

Read Execution Best Practices

Read blog posts on best practices for establishing feedback loops, choosing the right team structure and processes and evaluating whether you have the right people in place.

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