Outcome KPI Pyramids

Get alignment on what metrics matter.


The Value of Outcome KPI Pyramids

Get Alignment

Make sure everyone internally measures product success in the same way.

Be Customer Centric

Identify how your customers would quantify your product's value.

Provide Context

Teams can quantify their value delivered using the KPI pyramid.


Forming an Outcome KPI Pyramid

1. Determine Customer Outcome Metric

Interview customers to understand how they would quantify the outcome the product delivers.  For B2B, it's likely ROI.  For B2C, it's a bit more complicated. 

2. Determine Business Outcome Metrics

We recommend shareholder value, as that's critical for startups and public companies alike.

3. Align on Outcome Metrics

Make sure customers and internal stakeholders agree on the top metrics.  Without alignment, product prioritization debates will continue to happen.

4. Complete Pyramids

Break each box into KPIs (ideally 2, but no more than 3 or 4) to keep the number of metrics manageable. Over time, you may tweak these.

See Example Outcome KPI Pyramids

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