Strategic Plan

Stepping stones to realizing your vision.


The Value of a Strategic Plan

Identify Major Enhancements

Call out the big changes needed to deliver on the customer journey vision.

Sequence the Work

Make a strategic decision on the right order to deliver the enhancements.

Illuminate the Path

Let the team know the path to realizing the customer journey vision.


Forming a Strategic Plan

1. Identify Major Enhancements

Use your customer journey vision to find major gaps between today's customer journey and the envisioned one.

2. Sequence the Enhancements

Use fundraising needs, competitive differentiation, and technical dependencies to sequence the enhancements.

3. Estimate Efforts

Do some t-shirt sizing to validate that the strategic plan fits into a reasonable time horizon - likely 2-4 years for most companies.

4. Validate

Talk to internal stakeholders and customers to validate that the plan makes sense and excites them.

See Example Strategic Plans

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