Creating a Roadmap

Balance between strategic progress, optimizations and product hygiene.


Prodify Roadmap Buckets

The Value of a Roadmap

Communicate Priorities

Let stakeholders know what product development is happening and why.

Share Status

Keep stakeholders updated on the status of product changes so they can plan accordingly.

Get Feedback

Give stakeholders a concrete plan to react to as a way of aligning on priorities.

Forming a Roadmap

1. Decide on Bucket Allocations

Determine how to divide product development capacity between strategic progress, optimizations and product hygiene.

2. Prioritize Strategic Progress

Reference the Strategic Plan to decide what major changes to make in the near-term for each chapter in the journey.

3. Prioritize Optimizations 

Determine the quick wins and simple feedback requests that can continue to improve KPIs with limited effort.

4. Prioritize Product Hygiene

Work with Engineering to identify top priorities and discuss if and how they connect to strategic progress / near-term tweaks.

3 buckets for balancing a product roadmap

See Example Roadmaps

Read blog posts on best practices for creating and using roadmaps based on real-world products.


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