Build a Great Customer Journey

Are any of these happening with your product?

  • Your customers are always complaining about the usability of your product
  • Your users aren't aware of a lot of the features your product offers
  • Your analytics show a lot of customers falling off at a critical step in the funnel

Strong product design might be the missing link.

We created two artifacts to help you create great experiences.

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#1. Design Guide

A 10-page document explaining best practices in each of the 6 chapters of the customer journey (trigger, discovery, evaluation, trial, usage and switching) along with helpful resources on learning about great product design.


#2. Persona Guide

A 9-page document explaining why personas are helpful in designing a great customer experience, along with how to create them, complete with examples and relevant articles.

Product Success Depends On Great Design

Think about every chapter of the customer journey, from discovering your product to trying it to evangelizing it. What keeps a customer or user going? These artifacts will help you determine just that.

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