Product Hiring Best Practices for Startup Execs

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Signs You Need to Make a Product Hire

One of the most common questions we get from startup founders is - how do I know when to hire my first product person? In this portion, we will walk you through 4 common signs that you might be ready to start a product team.

Shaping the Role to Attract Top Talent

From the job title to the description, there are a lot of considerations for how to communicate the opportunity in a way that will excite the best product managers out there.  We'll talk about how to write and publicize the role.

Identifying Product Rockstars

Screening product candidates isn't as straightforward as engineering or design folks who can showcase concrete deliverables.  We'll share what we're looking for on paper and during phone screens that separate great from good.

Prodify's Hiring Services

What if you could get a seasoned product hiring manager to help you fill a product role? We'll explain how we can help you shape the role, source and screen candidates, and recruit your top choice. 

About the Presenters

Collectively, we've looked at thousands of resumes and filled 100+ product roles.

Rajesh Nerlikar

Rajesh is the Co-Founder and a Principal Product Advisor / Coach at Prodify. With years of experience coaching dozens of companies from startups to Fortune 500 businesses, he's learned the best methods to finding rockstar product people that not only fit well within a team's dynamic, but also bring something new to the table that up-levels the team's skillset. 

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Sara Zalowitz

As a Senior Product Advisor and Coach at Prodify, Sara has helped many clients develop excellent product teams. Her previous experience at Rent the Runway, Marriott, and WeddingWire have given her tremendous insight into what it takes to be a great product person and what kind of skills executives should look for in potential candidates.

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Finding a solid Head of Product isn’t easy, but it was critical for our business. We partnered with Rajesh to help us hire this role and he was nothing short of exceptional! He recruited all the candidates, screened them using a tailored set of questions, and ensured they would bring the key product management skills we needed through a lightweight but powerful homework assignment.  I’d encourage any startup founder looking to make their first crucial product hire to speak to Rajesh and the Prodify team.


Stephen Sokoler

Founder and CEO at Journey

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Ben was instrumental in helping us hire a Chief Product Officer. In a short time, he envisioned and delivered a robust hiring plan including in-depth interview questions, a clever candidate assignment, and a thorough candidate scorecard. He personally interviewed our finalists and provided valuable and novel insights on each. The process was outstanding every step of the way. I would highly recommend Ben to anyone who has needs to hire a top-quality product executive.


Rob Wenger

CEO at Higher Logic

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