Product Leadership Training

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What You'll Learn in our 15-week Video Course


Defining product strategy and getting buy-in for your vision

We will give you a step-by-step process to enhance your understanding of product strategy, enabling you to more effectively identify high-impact initiatives. Additionally, you will learn how to develop a clear, scope-specific vision to secure buy-in from relevant stakeholders. With these tools and techniques, you can elevate your product development practices and deliver exceptional value and outcomes.


Balancing demands for the greatest leverage

Learn to balance your workload and prioritize the tasks that enable you to concentrate on the critical aspects of your role, resulting in more efficient use of time and resources. By focusing on the critical aspects of your role, you can optimize your efforts and achieve better outcomes with the resources at your disposal.


Developing and retaining a high-performing team

You’ll learn how to identify, hire and retain the best people in your organization, and how to build a team that consistently outperforms. We’ll teach you how to get the best out of your people, how to match your resources against priorities, and improve how your team is operated for the best results.

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Setting KPI's that drive impact for your product & team

Learn to set Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are specifically tailored to your product team that drive measurable impact and align your team with business goals. You will be able to define clear and specific metrics that reflect the performance of your product, as well as establishing benchmarks and targets for those metrics. Remove yourself as a blocker and empower your team to drive meaningful and measurable results.

A Learning Experience Like No Other

  • 285 in-depth video lessons

  • 15 weeks of training, taught by Ben Foster

  • Assignments to put your learning to practice
  • Templates and frameworks to accelerate your progress 
  • Case studies to dive deeper into real examples from world-class companies
  • 14 group conversations to learn together with other particpants

  • Optional 1:1 mentorship


What Students Are Saying

"I have been leading Product teams for well over a decade and I got a huge amount of value out of this course and the insights from my cohort in the live sessions. The course is extremely well structured and thought through with content developed by Ben Foster and his team at Prodify following many of the principles of his book 'Build what matters'.

It runs over 15 weeks with on demand video content you can watch and review as your schedule allows and each model ends with a live session with your cohort and a mentor to bring it all together with the opportunity to talk through live examples and gain ideas, feedback or sometimes just sympathy. If you are a product leader past, present or future you will gain something from this course.."

Neil Roberts

VP of Product
Not On the High Street

Neil Roberts

"We're four weeks into the course and it's been brilliant so far. Every topic covered feels considered and deliberate - nothing is taught just for the sake of it. I've been implementing everything I've been learning in my daily work and with my team, and it's been a great motivation to put those practices in place. I can already see the positive impact this course has had."

Lara Mason

Product Lead

Laura Mason

"The content and format are great. On the content side, I love that the course is given by Ben Foster & his team at Prodify (with huge credibility), and that I can also follow along in their book. The video quality is really great too - enjoyable to watch! On the format side, I love the mix of async and synchronous: videos that I can watch & absorb on my on time and then a weekly meeting to connect with my cohort and facilitator."

Daniel Eden

Product Manager
OPEN Technologies


"The Product Leadership class has been highly valuable in giving me confidence and tools to attack problems proactively. The course materials and resources are great but the real selling point to me and reason for my 5 star review is the mentoring sessions. You definitely get out of it what you put in but there is something great about having a group to talk through real world challenges with, to get beyond the theory and frameworks to how it can enable change. I highly recommend take one of their courses. I've sampled a number of them and find them to be high caliber."

Brian Buttonow

Product Leader

Brian Buttonow

"Honestly the most helpful course and learning experience I've ever had. The course modules and materials were well-curated and easy to follow and work through. I learnt so much just from doing the modules. For me though, the true value came from the weekly mentorship group sessions with some of my cohort members - sharing and learning from each other's experiences was so incredibly helpful for me. I was able to take my learnings from this course and deliver a presentation on our new Product Vision and Strategy that was incredibly well-received and has formed the basis of our annual OKRs for the next 12 months."

Liane Walker

Product Manager, Voyc

Liane Walker