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We've created chapter-by-chapter resources to guide you through identifying key outcomes, envisioning a customer journey and executing your roadmap with the right people and processes in place. 

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Chapter 1: Why Product Isn't Working

  • A scorecard to assess how your company rates on the top 10 dysfunctions

Chapter 2: The Solution

  • A questionnaire to determine if your company is product driven in order to identify opportunity areas
  • A guide to identify if your company is ready to be product driven, inclusive of talking points with the executive team and team leads
  • Tips on what to do if your company is not ready to be product driven

Chapter 3: Key Outcomes

  • Tips for using market trends to identify and size your top markets
  • A worksheet to guide the prioritization of your target markets
  • Sample market sizing calculations
  • An outcome pyramid worksheet and samples for identifying, prioritizing, and tracking customer and business outcomes

Chapter 4: Customer Journey Vision

  • A guide for how to apply the Kano Model for competitive analysis
  • A worksheet with templates and samples to identify and create your customer journey vision
  • A guide for creating personas 
  • A guide for creating product and design principles
  • A guide for applying behavioral science to nudge your users to take  actions to get value

Chapter 5: Product Strategy

  • A guide with examples to work backwards from the vision to identify a path to make it real  

Chapter 6: Creating a Balanced Roadmap

  • A worksheet to guide appropriate allocation of roadmap categories (innovation, iteration, and operation) 
  • A worksheet with prioritization techniques to use across categories
  • Templates and samples for roadmap visualization and communication 

Chapter 7: The Right Process

  • An agenda template to run vision and strategic plan workshops 
  • A customer interview guide with best for how to prepare, recruit, interview, summarize and identify recommendations
  • Templates and sample decks for communicating and staying accountable to your vision, strategy, roadmap, and KPIs

Chapter 8: The Right Team

  • A hiring guide for defining the right role and finding, evaluating, and recruiting rockstar product managers
  • An assessment for you and/or your team to self-rate proficiency on the 40 skills Vision-Led Product Managers need to be successful

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Build What Matters Resources

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Download our chapter-by-chapter resources, templates and guides on how to implement Vision-Led Product Management at your company.


Prodify's Vision-Led Product Management resources accelerated my path to structuring and executing Clarity's product vision. As a CTO who also owns product management, I was looking for some tools to guide me on product best practices. The resources have provided me with worksheets, templates and real-world examples to further document my strategy and KPIs to realize Clarity's vision. In addition, the Prodify guide to market research focused me on gathering customer insights to inform product decisions. I am very grateful for these tools and I find them very actionable and comprehensive.

Paolo Micalizzi

Co-founder & CTO at Clarity Movement Co.

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