Ten Percent Happier Case Study: Impact Metrics

Ben Foster April 14 2021

The following is adapted from Build What Matters.

Ten Percent Happier is a mobile app that helps people be happier, healthier and more resilient through meditation. In working with co-founder and head of product Derek Haswell to apply Vision-Led Product Management, his team ran into an interesting challenge. 

While customers love the product, and recognize the positive impact it has on their lives, defining a specific key outcome proved difficult. The company knew that usage metrics like daily active users (DAU) were too internally focused. Product manager Eva Breitenbach came up with an elegant solution for how to better define key customer outcomes by looking at impact metrics.

The team ran surveys of customers who had been using the product for some time and asked a series of questions that would reveal what customers paid the most attention to. Eva measured reactions to specific statements (measured on the scale of “1 - strongly disagree” to “7 - strongly agree”). Examples of survey questions they asked:
  1. Since starting to meditate, I express anger or judgment less frequently
  2. Since starting to meditate, I find myself being less reactive in stressful situations
  3. Since starting to meditate, I am more accepting of other people’s differences
In getting responses to these questions, the team was able to determine the impact that usage of the app drove. By correlating the responses with customer engagement and business success metrics, they were also able to ascertain the key outcomes that customers wanted to achieve. If measurable improvement in a specific outcome correlated closely with their usage and appreciation of the app, then it was something customers clearly cared about.

Written by Ben Foster

Ben is a co-founder of Prodify and Principal Product Advisor / Coach. In his career, he has been the Chief Product Officer at WHOOP and GoCanvas, the VP of Product & Design at Opower (which went public in 2014) and previously worked for Marty Cagan at eBay.

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