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Applying Vision-Led Product Management in the real world.

Advisor Case Study: Time Horizons and Financial Results

The following is adapted from Build What Matters. After Morningstar acquired HelloWallet, there was a grand vision for how our two products would come together to provide even more value to consumers and clients.
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Ten Percent Happier Case Study: Impact Metrics

The following is adapted from Build What Matters. Ten Percent Happier is a mobile app that helps people be happier, healthier and more resilient through meditation. In working with co-founder and head of product Derek Haswell to apply Vision-Led Product Management, his team ran into an interesting challenge. 
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Advisor Case Study: Too Many Outcomes

The following is adapted from Build What Matters. Right before I joined HelloWallet as a Senior Product Manager, the company pivoted from a B2C business model to a B2B2C model, selling our financial wellness products to large companies as an employee benefit. As a part of this transition, I started joining sales calls with our buyers: HR leaders. Of course, the sales team wanted to focus those calls on moving the deal forward, so after I did a product demo, I usually only had time to ask the prospect one question. After some trial and error, I landed on a question that provided the most insight:
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Advisor Case Study: Hidden Shipping Costs

The following is adapted from Build What Matters. One of the most fundamental experiences in an e-commerce product is called “finding,” showing buyers the items they’re looking for. At eBay, I was product manager on the finding team responsible for the item details page, which showed what sellers listed. Counterparts on my team included product managers for searching, browsing, the bidding flow, and so on. Our team collaborated well, worked hard, and learned a great deal from one another. We also made our share of mistakes.
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Advisor Case Study: A Vision Worth Sharing

The following is adapted from Build What Matters. 
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Storyblocks Case Study: The Effects of Vision-Led Product Management

The following is adapted from Build What Matters. Storyblocks is the world’s first stock media subscription service, offering video, audio, and images. We’ve worked with them since 2015 and as their CEO, TJ Leonard, put it,
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CrossLead Case Study: Converging on Product-Market Fit

The following is adapted from Build What Matters. CrossLead is a platform that helps organizations of all sizes plan, manage, and track progress toward achieving important company objectives. It was founded by Navy SEAL David Silverman, co-author of the bestseller Team of Teams, which details the military’s need to become nimbler and more flexible in order to successfully fight Al Qaeda. Many commercial organizations are faced with the challenge of making similar adaptations, but they lack the necessary software tools and frameworks, which CrossLead provides. Nevertheless, the CrossLead team did not see immediate market traction.
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Advisor Case Study: Constantly Changing Priorities

The following is adapted from Build What Matters. When I joined Adchemy, a twenty-five-person startup, in 2006, the company had already built ingenious machine learning technology capable of generating and optimizing billions of ads and landing pages every day. The promise of that technology led to multiple funding rounds and a $400 million valuation in 2009.
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Advisor Case Study: The Color-Coded Product Roadmap

The following is adapted from Build What Matters. The Never-Ending Customer Commitment Cycle I vividly remember joining Opower as the VP of product in early 2010. In my second week, the board requested to see a product roadmap. Scrambling to deliver, the obvious starting point was learning from the team what had already been planned. In doing so, I discovered two surprising facts:
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Advisor Case Study: Measuring Lines of PRD

The following is adapted from Build What Matters. During my time at eBay, from 2001 to 2005, product management was run by a few different leaders. When I first joined as an entry-level product manager, Marty Cagan was leading product management and design, and there was a true appreciation for the innovative role that product management played. After he left, the engineering leader stepped in to fill his shoes. Her perspective was that product management’s job was to feed the engineering beast, producing volumes of product requirements documents (PRDs) that would keep thousands of developers busy. The joint product and engineering team became extremely efficient at delivering lots of code, less so at delivering consistent results.
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