How to Write a Stellar Product Management Resume

Matte Scheinker

In our collective careers, the Prodify advisors have reviewed thousands of product manager resumes. Sadly, for both the candidates and the...

Wartime Product Leadership

Ben Foster

An Unprecedented Situation The COVID-19 outbreak and associated response have staggering immediate ramifications for many technology...

3 Reasons to Stop Solving Problems and Start Delivering Outcomes

Rajesh Nerlikar

A few years ago there was a new phrase that made its rounds through the product management community: “love the problem, not the solution.”...

3 tips for B2B2C product leaders

3 Tips That Will Make You a Great B2B2C Product Leader

David Jesse

Many businesses operate under a B2B2C model, with business customers who are disparate from end consumers. They facilitate key outcomes for...

3 tips for product managers to collaborte with sales

3 Tips That Will Make You The Sales Team's Favorite Product Manager

Rajesh Nerlikar

Collaboration is a critical skill for product managers, and in this post, I interviewed Juan Thurman, a fellow Austinite who has held...

5-step market research interview process

A Product Manager's Guide to Customer Discovery

Rajesh Nerlikar

One of the most common consulting engagements we do is market research interviews, and it usually comes up in when a company is:

The 10 Commandments for Product - UX Design Collaboration

The 10 Commandments of Product-UX Collaboration

Ben Foster

Product management is a highly collaborative role. One of the most critical partnerships in the success of any product is the...

Vision-Led PM roadmap example - Chuckwagon

Roadmap Case Study: Chuckwagon

Rajesh Nerlikar

One of the most common questions we get when coaching product managers is: how do I create a roadmap? There's a great visual we often...

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