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4 Focus Areas in Leading a Rapidly Scaling Product Team

My most rewarding yet challenging roles have been as part of a fast growing business. These come with an opportunity -- plus an expectation -- to grow the product team to fuel continued expansion. I’ve been lucky enough to see hyper-growth early in my career at eBay, as the first head of product at Groupon and most recently at Fetch Rewards. When your team scales rapidly, you outgrow the ability to be in the weeds on everything. Your focus will shift from being involved in defining requirements to setting up the team to manage the ever-growing demands. This is similar to the change of role as you progress from being a PM to a manager of PMs to a manager of managers -- though in this case the entire organization is undergoing rapid change simultaneously.  It’s been said that for product leaders, your team is your product. It should get deliberate attention to improve and evolve just as the product does. With that, here are implications for rapid growth of your team and how it relates to your individuals, organization, team culture -- and your own role.
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How to Write a Stellar Product Management Resume

on February 23 2021 By | Matte Scheinker | Hiring Training
In our collective careers, the Prodify advisors have reviewed thousands of product manager resumes. Sadly, for both the candidates and the managers reviewing them, the vast majority of these resumes aren’t that great. Sure, some of these are from people reaching by applying for a job just outside of their experience. But, too many of them are from PMs whose experience should present well in resume form but whose resumes miss the point entirely.
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The 4 Things to Look for When Hiring a Product Manager

on July 26 2019 By | Rajesh Nerlikar | Hiring
Collectively, we've hired hundreds of product managers in our time.  So we thought it'd be good to share the 4 big buckets of traits we look for when hiring great product managers, and explain more about each (with examples).
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4 Signs You Need to Make Your First Product Hire

on July 10 2019 By | Rajesh Nerlikar | Hiring
One of the most common questions we get from startup founders is - how do I know when to hire my first product person?
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