Team Structure


WeSpire Case Study: Product Responsibilities of the CEO

Ben Foster

The following is adapted from Build What Matters. In 2012, WeSpire was in the midst of a successful pivot from a B2C model to an enterprise...

5 Steps to Become a More Outcome-Driven Product Team

David Jesse

“Don’t mistake activity for achievement.” -- John Wooden Unfortunately, it’s all too common for product organizations to focus on the wrong...

4 Focus Areas in Leading a Rapidly Scaling Product Team

4 Focus Areas in Leading a Rapidly Scaling Product Team

David Jesse

My most rewarding yet challenging roles have been as part of a fast growing business. These come with an opportunity -- plus an expectation...

3 tips for B2B2C product leaders

3 Tips That Will Make You a Great B2B2C Product Leader

David Jesse

Many businesses operate under a B2B2C model, with business customers who are disparate from end consumers. They facilitate key outcomes for...

8 Ways to Organize Your Product Development Squads

Rajesh Nerlikar

In 1967, computer programmer Melvin Conway introduced an idea that came to be know as Conway's Law. It stated: