3 Tips for Managing a B2B2C Product

Rajesh Nerlikar

At HelloWallet, we sold web and mobile apps that helped employees improve their financial wellness.  The product was offered as a benefit...

CrossLead Case Study: Converging on Product-Market Fit

Ben Foster

The following is adapted from Build What Matters. CrossLead is a platform that helps organizations of all sizes plan, manage, and track...

Advisor Case Study: Assuming What Users Want

Rajesh Nerlikar

The following is adapted from Build What Matters. Spring 2014 was an exciting time for me. Not only was our first son due, but I also saw...

Wartime Product Leadership

Ben Foster

An Unprecedented Situation The COVID-19 outbreak and associated response have staggering immediate ramifications for many technology...

3 Reasons to Stop Solving Problems and Start Delivering Outcomes

Rajesh Nerlikar

A few years ago there was a new phrase that made its rounds through the product management community:  “love the problem, not the...

3 tips for B2B2C product leaders

3 Tips That Will Make You a Great B2B2C Product Leader

David Jesse

Many businesses operate under a B2B2C model, with business customers who are disparate from end consumers. They facilitate key outcomes for...

3 tips for product managers to collaborte with sales

3 Tips That Will Make You The Sales Team's Favorite Product Manager

Rajesh Nerlikar

Collaboration is a critical skill for product managers, and in this post, I interviewed Juan Thurman, a fellow Austinite who has held...

The Top 5 Resources for Product Managers

Rajesh Nerlikar

One of the most common questions we get from aspiring, new and experienced product managers alike is - what do you recommend I do to learn...

5-step market research interview process

A Product Manager's Guide to Customer Discovery

Rajesh Nerlikar

One of the most common consulting engagements we do is market research interviews, and it usually comes up in when a company is:

The 10 Commandments for Product - UX Design Collaboration

The 10 Commandments of Product-UX Collaboration

Ben Foster

Product management is a highly collaborative role.  One of the most critical partnerships in the success of any product is the...

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