The 10 Dysfunctions of Product Management

Matte Scheinker

I’ve been a product leader for more than 20-years and, sadly, I’ve experienced (and sometimes unintentionally caused) every one of the ten...

The Five Traits of a Product-Driven Company

Matte Scheinker

Rajesh spoke recently at ProductCamp Austin about The Five Traits of a Product-Driven Company. Not only does he detail the common...

The Top 3 Product Lessons Learned from eBay

Ben Foster

eBay was in direct competition with Amazon in the early 2000's, but they had very different methodologies when approaching the market. The...

The Top 3 Product Lessons Learned from Webvan

Ben Foster

The story of Webvan's rush to go public features prime examples of what not to do when trying to scale. I recently joined this episode of...

The 10 Commandments for Product - UX Design Collaboration

The 10 Commandments of Product-UX Collaboration

Ben Foster

Product management is a highly collaborative role.  One of the most critical partnerships in the success of any product is the...

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Behavioral Science Crash Course: Steve Wendel's CREATE Action Funnel

Rajesh Nerlikar

I consider myself really lucky to have learned so much about the power of behavioral science in product design at both Opower and...