Matte Scheinker

Matte Scheinker

Matte is a Senior Product Advisor and coach with Prodify. Prior to that, he was the Head of Product at Lyra, the Head of Product at FutureAdvisor, and the Chief Product Officer at Hightail.


How to Write a Stellar Product Management Resume

Matte Scheinker

In our collective careers, the Prodify advisors have reviewed thousands of product manager resumes. Sadly, for both the candidates and the...

The 10 Dysfunctions of Product Management

Matte Scheinker

I’ve been a product leader for more than 20-years and, sadly, I’ve experienced (and sometimes unintentionally caused) every one of the ten...

The Five Traits of a Product-Driven Company

Matte Scheinker

Rajesh spoke recently at ProductCamp Austin about The Five Traits of a Product-Driven Company. Not only does he detail the common...

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