Outcome KPI Pyramids


A B2B Customer's Key Outcome Pyramid

Rajesh Nerlikar

At Prodify, we often use the Key Outcome Pyramid with our clients to help them identify the relationship between metrics, decide which...

Advisor Case Study: Confidence as the Key Outcome

Sara Zalowitz

I spend a decent amount of time reflecting on my past roles and how the Vision-Led Product Management framework would have been a valuable...

3 Tips for Managing a B2B2C Product

Rajesh Nerlikar

At HelloWallet, we sold web and mobile apps that helped employees improve their financial wellness.  The product was offered as a benefit...

Advisor Case Study: Too Many Outcomes

Rajesh Nerlikar

The following is adapted from Build What Matters. Right before I joined HelloWallet as a Senior Product Manager, the company pivoted from a...

Advisor Case Study: Hidden Shipping Costs

Ben Foster

The following is adapted from Build What Matters. One of the most fundamental experiences in an e-commerce product is called “finding,”...

5 Steps to Become a More Outcome-Driven Product Team

David Jesse

“Don’t mistake activity for achievement.” -- John Wooden Unfortunately, it’s all too common for product organizations to focus on the wrong...

Key Outcomes and Jobs to be Done

Rajesh Nerlikar

I first started using the Jobs to be Done framework about 5 years ago, and while I never quite got it to stick, I've seen more of the...

Advisor Case Study: Measuring Lines of PRD

Ben Foster

The following is adapted from Build What Matters. During my time at eBay, from 2001 to 2005, product management was run by a few different...

3 Reasons to Stop Solving Problems and Start Delivering Outcomes

Rajesh Nerlikar

A few years ago there was a new phrase that made its rounds through the product management community:  “love the problem, not the...

3 tips for B2B2C product leaders

3 Tips That Will Make You a Great B2B2C Product Leader

David Jesse

Many businesses operate under a B2B2C model, with business customers who are disparate from end consumers. They facilitate key outcomes for...

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