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Advisor Case Study: Measuring Lines of PRD

Ben Foster

The following is adapted from Build What Matters. During my time at eBay, from 2001 to 2005, product management was run by a few different...

3 Reasons to Stop Solving Problems and Start Delivering Outcomes

Rajesh Nerlikar

A few years ago there was a new phrase that made its rounds through the product management community: “love the problem, not the solution.”...

3 tips for B2B2C product leaders

3 Tips That Will Make You a Great B2B2C Product Leader

David Jesse

Many businesses operate under a B2B2C model, with business customers who are disparate from end consumers. They facilitate key outcomes for...

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How to Scope a New Feature

Rajesh Nerlikar

While consulting with a client last year, one of the challenges I helped the team with was their process of planning and releasing new...

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Strategic Planning Case Study: Chuckwagon

Rajesh Nerlikar

To illustrate the concepts of Vision-Led Product Management, we use an imaginary app we call Chuckwagon. Let's take a detailed look at the...

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