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Getting Peer Feedback as a Product Manager

on July 15 2019 By | Rajesh Nerlikar | Coaching
Product management requires collaboration across many disciplines to make the product successful, so it's important to understand how those colleagues view you as a partner in achieving some common set of goals.  In general, I measure the performance of product managers in two dimensions:
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8 Ways to Organize Your Product Development Squads

on July 15 2019 By | Rajesh Nerlikar | Executing Team Structure
In 1967, computer programmer Melvin Conway introduced an idea that came to be know as Conway's Law.  It stated:
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Book Report: 5 Key Takeaways from Shape Up by Basecamp's Ryan Singer

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8 Ways to Express a Product Vision

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Strategic Planning Case Study: Chuckwagon

To illustrate the concepts of Vision-Led Product Management, we use an imaginary app we call Chuckwagon.  Let's take a detailed look at the process of:
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4 Signs You Need to Make Your First Product Hire

on July 10 2019 By | Rajesh Nerlikar | Hiring
One of the most common questions we get from startup founders is - how do I know when to hire my first product person?
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